India is slowly recovering from the second wave of covid-19 that hit the country harder than the first wave. Not only the health sector Covid-19 has also deeply impacted the economy of the country. …

A man preparing a dead body died due to COVID infection for cremation (Source: Danish Siddiqui/Reuters)

The second wave of the deadly coronavirus hit India harder than the first wave and the country witnessed horrifying figures that explain this unfortunate period. During April & May, the hospitals in Delhi & Mumbai were flooded with covid infected patients and the number of deaths was rising every day.

The coronavirus pandemic is turning out to be devastating as the second wave of the virus has gripped the country like never before. On April 20, India reported a record of 2,95,000 new cases in a single day. India has so far reported over 4.5 …

Manvender pratap singh

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